Operated by over 1500 expert engineers, TOTO is the world’s largest manufacturer of plumbing products. Thanks to its unmatched innovation expertise, TOTO plumbing products are designed with beauty, function, and reliability in mind. TOTO’s innovations translate into the best performance and ecology in the plumbing world.

TOTO is driven by a constant vision of superior quality plumbing products. Such a vision can be a reality in any home, thanks to the innovations of TOTO bathroom products. A premium TOTO toilet is both beautifully designed and impressively durable. A TOTO bidet is a luxurious and attractive addition to any bathroom. TOTO faucets are designed brilliantly, made to function with the same level of seamless purity as the water that flows from them.

For innovation, quality, ecology, design, and value there is truly no better choice for your bathroom than TOTO. Plumbateria is the ONLY Premiere Toto Dealer in Calgary. This distinction is only given to dealers and showrooms that have been fully trained in all aspects of Toto products and display them with prominence including toilets, sinks, neorests, washlets and faucets. Visit us today to learn more about Toto.